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Mary Milionis draws upon her over 35 years in the skincare industry as an experienced and dedicated esthetician. After learning and mastering the art of skin care, including the effects of a proper skin care regime and high-quality products, she decided to elevate her passion for skin care and to become a licensed Paramedical Esthetician in 1996. 

Having been educated in Greece, Switzerland and in the United States, she continued her education and pursued extensive education focusing on skin care and proper skin care treatment. She has additional education and training in anti-aging treatments, chemical peels, exfoliation techniques including ultrasonic-peels. Over the past three decades, Mary has treated all skin types and conditions using the most advanced skin care products and systems on the market today. 

As the previous owner of Esthetique European Skin Care Clinic in the Bay Area, Mary has seen well over 1,000 patients. As a result of the extensive patient studies and treatments over this time, Mary developed two private skin care lines of Esthetique Skin Care and Biotherapy Esthetics. 


After this extensive experience practicing skin care treatment and helping countless patients with acne skin problems and skin care issues, she now has innovated a private skin care line for all skin types with strong, effective and therapeutic ingredients. The product line has a sub-specialty focused on Dry/ Sensitive mature skin with wrinkles. 

Every product has been tried, tested and hand-chosen by Mary herself. Mary's products can be used to make your skin look years younger.


Biotherapy Esthetics Skin Care products are worth a try.




  • Skin care regimen for morning and night.

  • Use skin care products with high-quality ingredients.

  • Protect your skin from the sun. Apply sunblock even with rainy days. 

  • Exercise at least three times per week.

  • Eat healthily and avoid fast food. Drink plenty of water. 

  • Don't smoke or be around others who smoke. 

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