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Please consider this as a recommendation for the Biotherapy products.  I have been using all the products for several years now. The cleansers, different types of moisturizers and the wonderful tinted moisturizers, which eliminate my need to use a foundation. Also, the face powder is the best I have ever used. So incredibly fine. All these products are amazing. I expect to be using them always.


Science Esthetics products are the best. Whether you have sensitive skin or want to look 20 years younger. The cleanser thoroughly cleans my skin and removes make up in one step. The moisturizer is perfect absorbs and moisturizes. The Oxy revitalizing serum at night helps my skin look refreshed and rejuvenated by morning. I’ve gifted products to my friends and they have become converts. These are high-quality ingredients that I can trust and turn to as my skin care needs change over the years.


I’ve been using Biotherapy Skin Care products for many years to treat dryness, sensitivity and age spots. I love the Glycolic Acid Cream for its anti-aging properties and skin smoothness. I also regularly use the Super-firming Night Cream, which leaves my skin feeling hydrated while it reduces the appearance of fine lines. As a long time user of Biotherapy products, I can say without hesitation that I highly recommend them.  


I'm using Biotherapy skin care products for a long time, I like it very much. I am using Super firming cream for night, which I like it very much. It makes my skin very silky soft and tight. The day cream herbal moisturizer is also excellent for my dry sensitive skin. I thank God I found these perfect creams for my skin, makes me look way younger than my age !!! 


I really love each and every product I have tried from the eye cream to all the moisturizers and I especially love the face wash. Everything leaves my face extra silky and smooth. Mary has amazing customer service and I feel like I am treating my face every day with her products. I highly recommend them for all skin types.


   I’ve been using Biotherapy skin care products for years now and just love every product. I use the daily cleansers, moisturizers, the night creams, the cleansing masks. They are all great. My skin is well hydrated and looks and feels great. I also love the consultation that Mary provided so that I can get the right products for my skin type.  I would highly recommend all these products!

I have been using Biotherapy Esthetics skincare products for a long time. My favorites are the Glycolic Moisture Creme and the Super Firming Night Creme. They have made a significant difference in the appearance of my skin from all the sun damage. They really have a rejuvenated effect. I just love, love, love these products!


I am 67 years old and have spent all my life doing recreational water sports.  I told my wife it was too late for me but I can now see Biotherapy Esthetics cream has really made a difference to my skin.  I used the after shave herbal silk moisturizer and found the oxygen cleanser is awesome - my skin feels and looks very clean. 
Thank you for producing a great product.

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